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A new partnership with an old friend

14 Apr 2020

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OldPVD.com and the Providence City Archives have united to offer up a fun and interesting way to explore old Providence: Old PVD - A to Z! The idea came from our friends at the Providence Preservation Society who are offering the ABC's of Architecture.

Interview with I {heart} Rhody

7 Apr 2020

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Erika Smith has been writing the blog I {heart} Rhody since 2010. She loves the state's eclectic architecture. Earlier this year she participated in the #100 Day Project on Instagram, sharing one photo a day of a different historic Rhode Island building. Recently, we asked her a few questions about why she loves the Ocean State so much!

Old Providence (aka oldpvd.com): It’s Been a Busy Year

1 Mar 2020

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Last year at this time, I was working with Mike Bronner of Genealabs.com on a new website, one that focuses on local history. Oldpvd.com launched in July as a georeferencing and crowdsourcing site aimed at posting photographs and information about the buildings, places, and people of Providence, RI. It’s been a busy seven months. It’s pretty exciting to see so many people interested in Old Providence.

Where Things Used to Be (And Sometimes Still Are)

3 Feb 2020

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The theme for the Providence Pecha Kucha December was nostalgia, so organizers reached out to see if it was possible to do a presentation on OldPvd. Of course! A Pecha Kucha is a style of presenting that involves twenty slides on an auto timer for twenty seconds per slide. It’s a bit of improv and a lot of rehearsing.