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Old Providence (aka oldpvd.com): It’s Been a Busy Year

1 Mar 2020

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Last year at this time, I was working with Mike Bronner of Genealabs.com on a new website, one that focuses on local history. Oldpvd.com launched in July as a georeferencing and crowdsourcing site aimed at posting photographs and information about the buildings, places, and people of Providence, RI. It’s been a busy seven months. It’s pretty exciting to see so many people interested in Old Providence.

Time Travel is Real (Sort Of)

10 Jan 2020

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Name a show with time travel as a theme. I’ve likely seen it.  A book with time as a plot. I’ve likely read it.  There is something fascinating about the whole idea of actually stepping back into the past.  Our photos let us peek into that realm but there is always something missing.  We can see the outside of the house, but not the inside or vice versa.

Where Things Used to Be (And Sometimes Still Are)

30 Sep 2019

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The theme for the Providence Pecha Kucha December was nostalgia, so organizers reached out to see if it was possible to do a presentation on OldPvd. Of course! A Pecha Kucha is a style of presenting that involves twenty slides on an auto timer for twenty seconds per slide. It’s a bit of improv and a lot of rehearsing.