A new partnership with an old friend

OldPVD.com and the Providence City Archives have united to offer up a fun and interesting way to explore old Providence: Old PVD - A to Z! The idea came from our friends at the Providence Preservation Society who are offering the ABC's of Architecture.

OldPVD.com is working with Providence City Archive's Reference and Multimedia Administrator, Shaina Weintraub on collected images and stories about former properties in the city. You can join in on the adventure by following OldPVD.com on Instagram. The folks with the Providence City Archives are also doing a special series of posts of historical figures but with a twist: creating fun Tinder profiles! By the way, if you want to hear more about Shaina's work for the city agency, take a listen to her interview on local podcast, BartholomewTown.

"@govraimondo said it first and now some of Rhode Island’s most historic figures are saying it, too (kinda). As our Governor — Ambrose Burnside and Annie Smith Peck and Edward Bannister and Ida Lewis — said, #knockitoff and #shutitdown. Making unnecessary trips? Knock it off. Are you “that” neighbor that’s having people over because “It’s okay, we’ll stand 6ft apart?” Shut it down. Don’t be that person. Stay home. Stay safe. And watch lots and lots of documentaries. "⠀⠀