Old Providence (aka oldpvd.com): It’s Been a Busy Year

Last year at this time, I was working with Mike Bronner of Genealabs.com on a new website, one that focuses on local history. Oldpvd.com launched in July as a georeferencing and crowdsourcing site aimed at posting photographs and information about the buildings, places, and people of Providence, RI. It’s been a busy seven months. It’s pretty exciting to see so many people interested in Old Providence.

The What Cheer Writers Club in downtown Providence was the perfect location for a July launch party. A local two-some called the Vox Hunters sang old-time folk tunes, a costumed interpreter met folks at the door, and everyone got a package of local biscotti.


Anyone can participate in OldPVD.com. Have an archive of images of Providence? You can add them and personalize each one with a logo. To date, the following archives are represented in Old Providence:

Add your name to the list or suggest another archive by emailing Maureen at photodetective@maureentaylor.com Want to volunteer to add images? Let Maureen know.

It’s been a wild seven months. Here are a few highlights:


In October, the Lippitt House Museum in Providence hosted a lecture called “The East Side: Then and Now.” A big crowd showed up and shared their knowledge of the neighborhood.

In the News


The weekend of the launch, a local television station aired a piece on the OldPVD site. They filmed me in my backyard garden on a really hot July day.

Recently, a local free paper, East Side Monthly, ran a long piece on OldPVD calling it a Monumental Achievement referring to the fact that each image is pinned to a marker, aka an address.

Studying the Past

This Spring, my alma mater, Rhode Island College is featuring OldPVD.com as part of a Freshman class. Students will be exploring images, history, and location for some places in Providence. This is pretty exciting! I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

I’m working on plans for 2020 for the site. A better way to communicate news and new additions top the list.

Thank you for being a part of the OldPVD community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as Oldpvd. For more information on how your community can set up a site like OldPVD, go to Chronocharts.com.

I’m really excited about sharing the history of my home city!

Listen to a Podcast

My friend and colleague, Dennise M. Kowalczyk suggested a short regular spot on Old PVD could be featured on her podcast, Artclectic New England. Each month, I record a short piece on a bit of Providence history. As she says, “this podcast was created to celebrate…spotlight…and elevate the variety of incredible arts, culture, lifestyle, and beauty found here in New England.” Thank you, Dennise!

Who knows maybe there will even be an OldPVD podcast?