Morris Clothes Shoppe

101 Richmond, providence ri


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This building is a large, rectangular, two-story, five-by-five bay, flat roofed, brick building with a pale-yellow brick veneer fac;ade. There are several recessed entrances along Richmond and Friendship Streets with various types of modern metal and wood doors with fixed window panes. The original storefront windows with transoms above have been blacked out, covered over with wood, or replaced with modern, metal-framed windows. Below the storefront windows are green marble and wood panels that cover the brick foundation and basement windows. The primary entrance has a modern, metal door flanked by two, fixed-pane windows and is set back within a clipped corner bay at the intersection of Friendship and Richmond Streets. At each entrance, there is a decorative, green and white hexagon-tile floor, in some of which the tiles have been set to say Morris' 101. A small, recessed entrance on Friendship Street appears to have an original, fixed, square, multi-pane transom. The building has a decorative parapet and cornice with dentils that extend around the Richmond and Friendship Street elevations. A decorative concrete cornice above the first story storefront bays visually divides the first floor from the second. Between each pair of windows on the second floor is a decorative concrete capital at the cornice. There is a large, modern fire escape on the east elevation that ascends to the second This building appears in the 1926 Providence Atlas Book as 101 Richmond Street, Morris Clothes \ Shoppe. However, in the 1926-27 City Directory, Morris Clothes Shoppe is shown as occupying 91 and 93 Richmond Street. By 1927-28, neither 91 nor 93 Richmond Street, on the corner of Richmond and Friendship Streets, was listed. This suggests that these buildings were removed for the construction 6f the new Morris Clothes Shop at 101 Richmond Street. In January 1923, Morris Beranbaum, of Mclrris Clothes Shoppe, purchased this lot. He most likely built 101 Richmond Street between 1926 and 1928. This building is currently occupied by several nightclubs and bars. Source - NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES