Central Garage

127 Friendship Street Providence RI (Note - also faces Pine Street as 180 Pine)


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Central Garage (ca. 1925-1926): A long, rectangular, one-story, three-bay, flat-roofed, brick building that runs along the back of assessor's lots 514 and 515. The building has a yellow-gold brick veneer exterior over a steel beam frame. It has two entrances, each made of modem metal materials, one on Pine Street and one on Friendship Street. Both facades have parapets with an ornamental white brick rectangular box in each bay. The Pine Street facade has two decorative black diamonds outlined in white brick in the center bay. The modem Pine Street entrance is set in a recessed, infilled garage door opening, and consists of textured, fixed glass panels surrounding a centered, double-leaf door. Flanking the entrance bay and set on the angled side walls of the recessed entrance are single doors of the same materials and design. To either side of the center bay are modem storefront windows made up of two, large, fixed panes with black metal panels below and decorative pressed glass panes in the transom, \all set in aluminum frames. On the Friendship Street fa9ade, the original, large, recessed center-bay garage door opening is filled-in with modem, metal grate material. Centered within this is a modem, wood, double-leaf door. Set on the angled wall to the right is a single, modem wood door. The tall, rectangular window openings that flank the central bay are also filled-in with metal grate. A 1921 Sanborn Insurance map shows that this lot was occupied by a small, two-story building with several on- story additions. By 1926, the Providence City Atlas Book shows a large, long, brick ", building fronting on Pine and Friendship Streets and labeled Central Garage. This business was first listed in the 1927-1928 City Directory as the Central Garage at 172 Pine Street. The 1937 Providence City Atlas Book shows that this building had become Central Auto Service. A 1951 Sanborn Insurance map shows the building as a parking garage. By 1956, the building was used for auto sales and repair, a use which remained into at least the 1970s. The building is currently occupied by a nightclub. Source - NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES