J. A. Gowdey & Son

22 Clifford Street, Providence, RI


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J. A. Gowdey & Son, at No. 22 Clifford Street. The business of this house was established by J. A. Gowdey in 1834. In 1847, he admitted his son to the business, under the firm-style of J. A. Gowdey & Son. From this period dates the immense business of this house, which began rapidly to increase, even beyond the sanguine expectations of the proprietors themselves. This undoubtedly is one of the largest and best fitted reed establishments in the State, if not in the United States. Some twenty to thirty skilled operatives are constantly employed. The productions of this house are favorably known, not only in this country, but in Mexico and South America. Beside their main establishment at Providence, the company have a branch house at Fall River, Mass., from which they have furnished reeds for nearly all of the mills that have been erected in that city for many years. Mr. David Gowdey, the surviving member and sole proprietor of the business, gives his personal attention to all its varied details, and is a gentleman of practical experience in all of its branches, and has amassed a handsome fortune from the successful management of his extensive manufacture. Source – Prominent Business Firms of To-Day, 1878