Corner of Point and Eddy Streets, Providence, RI


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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the company occupied a four-acre campus of connected brick buildings, which grew from smaller structures at the intersection of Point and Eddy streets. In contrast to its neighbors in the Jewelry District, the Davol Rubber Company was a pioneer of American rubber medical supplies. The company started at the Simmons Building across the street in 1880 and remained in that location until 1977. In 1980–82, “Davol Square” was developed into a shopping mall, which later closed in the early 1990s, followed by offices moving into the space. Source – Dr. Dietrich Neumann, Brown for GoProvidence The main complex of the Davol Rubber Company, on the north side of Point Street, contains several late 19th- and 20th-century structures, the earliest of which is a 3-story brick structure (1884) with segmental-arch windows, a 5-bay storefront with large round-arch windows, and a central arched doorway. About five-year slater, the company constructed a nearly identical, 3-story structure which was connected to the 1884 structure by a small, 3-bay 3-story building with rectangular windows and a large rectangular central entrance. As intended, the three structures present a symmetrical facade on the Point Street elevation. Source - www.artinruins.com