Point Street Grammar School

170 Point Street, Providence, ri


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Built In



The Point Street Grammar School was designed by architect Clifton A. Hall*. It was built in 1873-74 at the cost of $133,804.38 on land that cost $70,495.81. It opened on November 23, 1874. Located at the intersection of Point and Plain Streets on the west side of the city, the building was three stories with two floors of classrooms, a basement area and an auditorium on the top floor. The school experienced a damaging fire on January 4, 1940. Many thought it was just another drill, which allowed quick & orderly evacuation. Frantic parents were reunited with their children at the Tyler Parochial School located diagonally across the street, which opened it’s doors to the freezing children and staff. Before the fire was even put out, the Board of Aldermen initiated a move towards rebuilding. Source - Destruction of History https://rihs.wordpress.com/2016/09/15/destruction-of-historyhistory-of-destruction/ The building was demolished to make way for I-95 in the late 1950’s. It’s location was at the approximately intersection of I-95 North and Point Street.